Could you please tell me how to properly say these sentences. The bold is what I think. Could you tell me if I'm right

1 I scraped my arm where my tattoo is/I scraped my tattoo. I'm not sure how to say this.
2 She was raised (as) a Christian. AS is optional
3 I don't know if I can hold out 3 days at work with her/go 3 days at work with her. BOTH Which is better? Which is correct?
4 Can you hold the elevator for a second. OK I think
5 When you think you've gotten far enough away, stop running. Not sure "far enough away" can be said?
6 You can tell that/when someone thinks of you as a gambler by how badly they want to lend you money when you lose it all. Not sure sentence is correct grammatically?

Thank you
1 either

2 either

3 either

4 ok

5 not sure what this means

6 ok
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Thank you

For 5 I'm trying to say

If you are running away from someone,

can you say something like this:

When you think you are far enough away and safe, stop running. (Could you ever use "far enough away" and in what sentence please?

and for the last sentence, which would you say THAT or WHEN and does it sound natural? how would you say it?

and for AS a CHRISTIAN, how would you say it please? AS optional for you or not?

Thank you
The sentences in question are correct.

I think it should be 'raised as a Christian' but most leave out the article.