Observable as a tendency of our culture is a -----of ------psychoanalysis: we no longer feel that it can solve our emotional problems. (A) divergence.. certainly about
(B) confrontation.. enigmas in
(C) withdrawal.. belief in
(D) defense.. weaknesses in
(E) failure.. rigor in

From the second part of sentence, we know "observable as a tendency of culture" can no longer solve our emotional problems. So it'll probably be abandoned. C serves the idea fairly well; I see it.

What I want to ask is if 'observable as a tendency of our culture' is the complete subject? It seems it is. But "observable" is an adjective; how can it be a subject?

Help me out. Thank you.
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Good point.

Yeh, it's best when each option comes close, in some way, to the real answer.
Just to finish this discussion, Jeff--

"We no longer feel that it can solve our emotional problems." Here it refers to 'belief in psychoanalysis', right?

To be precise, it refers to psychoanalysis only.

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Yes. Thank you, Mr. M. How could "belief" solve our emotional problems? I just realized that.

P.S. I just read this one:
"In support of unification were the Army air forces, the Army, and, most importantly, the President of the United States." Isn't it a perfect example too.
Yes indeed, Jeff-- good eye.