You have just achieved something big in your life, perhaps you've finished the last exam of your last semester in university or you've just landed a dream job with a reputable company or you've just won an Olympic gold medal. You are really excited. What will you do to celebrate? Have a nice dinner with your partner, climb on the roof of your car and shout out to the world, strip and run naked on the street, hug everyone you see?

Are there any mistakes?
New sentence, "Perhaps . . . "

You've just been handed

Perhaps commas setting off items in your "or" series'

- A.
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Thanks, Avangi. One question.

You've just been handed ...Which phrase should be changed to this? gold medal?
Shoot! I'm glad you asked. I read it as "just handed a job." Wow! Sorry. Gotta get some new spectacles.
HAHA.... so the original "landed a job" is OK, right?
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