Could you please tell me if these sentences are correct and clear enough? Some of them are not about medical English but please don’t be mad all of these are from my letter for veterinary medicine school. Thank you very much for your attention and forbearance Emotion: wink

I completed research investigating influence of training on energy metabolism of the horse’s erythrocyte and its antioxidant system. (or should be - horse erythrocyte?]

This is a title and beginning of my letter:

‘It is all because of the love of horses …’

A rewarding career in equine physiology has been my lifetime dream and aspiration. It has always been a goal for me to work with and for one of the most magnificent creatures in the world. –[With this sentence I meant that through my study I will gain knowledge about horse physiology and I will be able to improve the welfare of the wellbeing of these animals, so this way I would work for horses - Am I right?]

I don't know about the horses' erythrocyte or horse erythrocyte issue (you probably need someone with a scientific background) but I can tell you that it should the investigating the influence of training...

the 'with and for' part makes perfect sense.
You could say "equine erythrocytes and antioxidant systems", which might be better in a scientific context.
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Thank you both for your replies. Emotion: smile

Best wishes,

I think you can fine tune the beginning of your letter like this.

I completed the reaseach investigating the effects of horse's physical training on its erythrocyte energy metabolism and antioxidant system.

It seems that your use of influence in a research context is inappropriate as the word influence signals a bit of bias towards a positive out come of your research.

Horse's of course is right. Yuo may have seen many reasearch papers with this.

hope this will help you in someway...
Hello Sunil,

thank you very much for your advice. I like the sentence you wrote and I think I am going to use it. You are right about the word ‘influence’ and I am aware of its meaning but in my essay I already have a sentence in which I used the word ‘effect’ (one above the one I posted). So, I was trying to find other one which has the same or nearly the same meaning to not repeat this again. What you think I should do? Is it really wrong with the ‘influence’?
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The word "influence" does not, in any way, indicate a positive outcome. Your use of "influence" in context is perfectly acceptable. ". . . the influence of training . . . ." could be negative or positive. Who would know without reading further?