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Wow. I really love it. Ah well, suppose each language has its own idiosyncrasies. Emotion: smile
Howdy Y'All. (Texan for "Hello")

A good literary example is the American poet, Ogden Nash. He makes game play of the language that is quite current today. His poem, "The Purist" is my favorite. Another of his is shown below. See if you pick it up from the spelling of the words.

"The one L lama,

He's a beast.

The two L llama,

He's a priest.

But you can bet,

A cat's pajama,

There isn't any

Three L lllama."

I remember it from my early school days.

Any Texas questions, Yee Haw!, let me know.

Jeffrey P. Miller B.A., A.S.

Austin, Texas
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