Are these sentences grammatical and natural?
▪ Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the patience of the customer care services workers, especially men. How do they restrain themselves from using abusive language themselves, when ignorant customers are cursing their parents over minor inconveniences! In their place, I couldn't help doing the same or would hang up on them.

"...customer care service workers."

Not taking into consideration the sexist nature of the comment (why is it harder for men to be patient than for women to be patient?), your writing is pretty good. I don't understand the part about the parents. The customers are talking to a customer service agent about their parents and at that time, they are cursing at their parents who are in the room with them while they are on the phone with some organization's customer service representative. That is the scenario I understand from what you wrote. So your writing is good on the one hand because your structure and grammar are nice, but I'm confused about what could be going on with the phone call. Maybe I'm missing something that is obvious.

Thanks for your suggestions 💖