I'm referring to an article about the lyrics of that song written by EmmyLou's former husband Paul Kennerly. The question is: Who is the man, her baby never saw, why was he in France and brought her a shawl and a parasol? A rebel boy, but why in France? With which soldiers (British?) is she dancing? Is she Irish and the men who tortured and killed her and cut her hair are IRA Catholics? I contacted the Dirt Band directly, they don't know but sent me the link to you which I already knew before.

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Song Lyrics?

Hi, everyone! These are the lyrics to my new song. Being not a native speaker, it's very interesting, how it sounds to native speakers. I appreciate all corrections and assumptions...


The army was attacked in the middle of the night, and all of the worriors died. Hi, Is it better to replace "worriors" in the above with "soldiers?" Thanks.

Dear Teachers, 1. Whenever She?

Dear Teachers, 1. Whenever she listens to this song, it reminds her of childhood and all the good memories that she and John used to have together. - Is this natural to say?...

John Is Nervous Around/With Mary.

John is nervous around/with Mary. Do both around and with fit in the above and convey the same idea? Thanks.

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Pope Benedict XVI is due to focus on Christian issues on the second day of his landmark visit to Turkey. The Pope is visiting the ancient city of Ephesus in western Turkey...