Hello All!

How can I remember irregular verbs? Is there some sort of song or poem for help to remember irregular verbs?
Of course I can use common verbs such as "do have go" and others but I forget some verbs all time.

I know about group of verbs
1) like: put - put -put
2) like: get - got - got
3) like: come - came - came
4) ....

BUT I want to get a better method. It is possible?

PS. I'm from Russia if it's important.
Hello, Avchent/Alexander, welcome to the Forums!
I'm afraid I don't know about any singing or reciting method to learn the irregular verbs either... I had to learn them all by heart. But maybe you could start one!
Many have a similar form in the simple past and the past participle (fought/fought - bought/bought - said/said and so on...) not to speak of set-set-set, put-put-put... You could begin with these...
There must be something like that somewhere. Nevertheless, it seems that no one here knows of such a song or poem. It's time for you to make one up of your own, to the tune of "Moskovsky Vyechera"*, perhaps? Emotion: smile


*"Mosow Evenings", once translated as "Midnight in Moscow"
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Your third should've been
3) come came come

I am not familiar with any method of studying them except for just memorizing
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Again...there isn't any method except reading alot.....
once i had this teacher who devided the unregs to groups by logic and just gave us two weeks to memorize each group(for a quiz)..
since then i know them by heart...
if you have enough self-discipline you'll make it....

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Hi, Here you are from Internet

I knew a boy.
He wasn’t good.
He always broke
All things he could.
He sold all presents
That he got.
He threw all books
His father bought,
Forgot all things
His teachers taught.
He wasn’t smart at all
They thought.
But when he grew
He understood
The way he chose
Was not so good.
He felt so bad.
He hardly slept.
He went to school
That he once left.

Soon he became

A smarter man

His journey into

Books began.
He took a book,
He made a note
And in a year
His book he wrote.

It was the best


He had had.


what he told


what he said.