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A Song

If you can't wake up in the morning cause your bed lies vacant at night If you're lost, hurt, tired or lonely can't control it as you might May you find it by the end of the...

Someone Like You

Someline like you- Van Morrison. I have been looking for the lyrics of this song, but haven't managed to find them. Could anyone post them here? Thanks in advance.

He Left Her On The Prairie

Here are the only few lines I can remember from a song I heard a long time ago in an old American western movie. Does anyone know the rest? Or would anyone like to try adding...

Holla At Me, Cause I Can Sing!

i'll hit that note for ya!

My Poem

Well, it's not really a poem...yet. First, I don't even know the characteristics of a good poem, but anyway... When sunset seems to be a heartrending polaroid Sit still and...

A Song

Have you heard this song on the radio? I quite like it. Do you like it? I don't wanna make im feel I love u. I don't wanna make u feel I don't need you. I don't wanna hurt...
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