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You don’t know

I don’t know

Don’t you feel an ass

Then continue

I sang the chorus of this with Wishee Washee in the Aladdin pantomime at Aldershot Hippodrome in 1954, but with the words :

"you don't know, I don't know,

Don't you feel an ass?

Why does the red cow ... etc

We were all awarded a Robertson's Golly badge and I received a Gollywog puzzlebook (8 pages) for singing it on my own. I told Wishee I'd heard it at a church Christmas party. he siad he didn't sing songs like that when he went to church, where did I come from? I said "Ash". He said that's what he'd had for dinner that day. I was smitten with the theatre bug - the footlights enabling you to see only part of the orchestra, who stopped playing to make me sing alone near the end. We were left to find our own way back to the circle. It took ages, wnadering in and out of bars, it seemed.


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Thank you so much. I work up with the You don’t know chorus going round in my head. I heard this in a family variety show when on holiday in the fifties. It would have been bothering me all morning. Now I can relax!