hey guys,

We always see "coming soon" in a variety of occasions. Well, I wonder how soon the coming soon is? A month or two? 10 days?

After a movie trailer, cooming soon is 15 days or a month. But there is no right or wrong answer to this. You get the how soon answer while understanding the rest of the conversation or the things you just read before the cooming soon thing.

Emotion: big smile Hope i made myself understood! hihi
I think so too. iPhone 4 is coming soon on 3 service in Australia. Apple says the device will only be available in Australia until July - which day, we don't know. On 3's website, it says coming soon. This aroused my curiosity to explore the "soon", because I wish I could have it on my hand soon. I don't expect this soon will be like over 2 month soon. hihi...