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I think conversion to electrical energy will only be recipe for portability, efficacy and reliability of different verge of energy sources, in coming future.
I believe driving electrical energy onto our own wish is the most difficult task plus the most enchanting and engrossing task for an electrical engineer. The more we are able to handle electrical energy the more the world looks smart and sophisticated. If we analyze broadly we see that sophisticated world was created by electrical energy, and people who did not strive with basic need of energy, utilize their intelligence to shape world better- we are now able to colonize mars. And electrical engineer serves to make world smarter and help other intellect to shape world more better-electrical energy is rudimentary for innovation.
Pursuing Bachelor of Electrical Engineering after getting scholarship in Institute of Engineering (IOE), Paschimanchal Campus (WRC), Tribhuvan University (TU) was the turning point in my life to gain knowledge behind physics, mathematics and engineering. I was enjoying learning courses like, Applied Mechanics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Engineering Chemistry, Programming Language (C, C++), Theory of Electrical and Electronics circuits, Electromagnetics, Microprocessor, Electric Machines, Control Systems, Signal Analysis, Power Electronic devices, Applied Photovoltaic Engineering, Wind Energy, Power System Analysis etc. in my undergrad.
It was my second year in undergraduate, and I, with ten more students made a 150 Watt hand driven generator on the occasion of “Campus Silver Jubilee, Engineering Expo 2012” under the supervision of Prof. Basanta Kumar Gautum. I was chosen as designer of the project and fabricator of electromagnet. We were much appreciated by electrical department. To give continuity for such projects, formation of electrical club, named as Electricity Generation (EGEN) Club, was an innovative step in the department. Basic electrical engineering workshops, minor project competition, seminars and presentation were some of the works we did under EGEN Club. RF transmission, industrial robots design and programming of microchip- PIC, ATMEL and Arduino were some of the vital skills I learned joining Robotics Club.
When I was in the 3rd year I was excited about wireless power transmission. I gave three full days on internet and got some theoretical ideas and some circuits to work on. Finally, I made an electrical circuit which transmits electrical power up to 9mm in free air. This project made me curious on thinking about behavior of magnetic reluctance in various substances. Killing of reluctance or able to decrease it to desire level will help us to cascade several wireless modules and we can transmit power wirelessly for desire work like in case of pharmaceutical industries where working place should be completely isolated from outer environment . This kind of my devotion, passion and interest has always inspired me to do research on such field. Thinking about free energy was another surprising event that took over my undergraduate. While I was at my final year I was able to fabricate an electrical generator that produces energy using EM Radiation from surroundings. However to meet its technical criteria was one of the difficult task. I made this using residual coil-winding over ferrite beads and pull up diodes. It was a demo circuit. I was so excited and these works are really inspiring me to do more research on upcoming days, at least some day I would figure out some of the uncanny event that would definitely be useful for mankind. I’ve a passion for such work. I believe that such research experience, projects and my interest to gain knowledge on new phenomenon will help me to pursue master degree, deliberately, in graduate school.
My final year project was “Static Var Compensator (SVC)” which was basically designed for voltage stability and power factor correction. The main theme of the project was to show that SVC can also be used for domestic loads, moreover, with cost optimization after certain year of use. Power Engineering is the field where I see myself thriving as a scholar. As a consequence of my final year engineering project I decided to pursue my further studies in Power System Engineering. It is the field where I see myself thriving as a scholar. My future plan is to engage in the research field of power engineering and its application in modern world.
To pursue my goal, I need to involve in an institution with sufficient resources, guidance with practical involvement and noticeable environment. Through a bit research in internet and with considerable suggest of my former colleagues I decided to pursue my master degree in Name of University. Specialization in the Power Engineering and addition to that, courses offered like Electrical Power Systems - Disturbed Operation, High Temperature Electronics - Design and Manufacturing and Power Electronics for Electrical Power Supply is the prime reason why I choose to be part of the University. I believe my academic involvement with faculty of Power Engineering department under guidance of projecting Prof. Harald Weber and Prof. Hans-Günter Eckel will be valuable in my future career in the field of Power Engineering.
Thank you for regarding me as an applicant.
AnonymousPlease help me to write more compelling SOP.
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No need to mention the name of your campus, institute's name will suffice, since you are adding the full name in your CV anyway. Starting a club can be many things even legendary per se, but it can't be innovative.

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