It is just a 46KB sound file.
Please copy (NOT CLICK!) the link http://www.blaise.us/storage/files/js.rar
to your browser and open it, then type out what it says for me.

Thank you.

(Please note: You may not click the link - in that way you might get a forbidden page. Just copy the link to your browser and then you could see the download dialog box appear).
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Hi Jobb,

I have answered this under your other posting.
I am sure you've not answered this for me.

Or please indicate where you've replied me.
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Hi Abbie, this is another file, not the one you wrote down its words before. I couldn't recognise all the words myself, perhaps you would.
Er - what file LL?
Hi Jobb,

This link doesn't workEmotion: sad
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Hi Abbie,
This is "js", that was "people". You can try it later, I'm really curious about it!
can't get into either of them, LL
Forget about it Abbie. Actually I am more interested in why Jobb has chosen these audio files, instead of listening to better quality audio files. Is it because he is in a close relation, or anything like that (they were taken from a personal webpage), with the auther of the webpage? In this case he himself can ask them about the utterances!
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