Humanobiological geometrical physics

Your pupil’s surface is the blue of two infinite parallels.
Sinus rhythm changes your two spread legs’ angle.
Reflection of your scream the depths of your love measures.
Stroking congruent with your face disappears for ever.

Wave lengths change, murmured prayers in ultrasound.
Compasses draw silent shaped cruelty in someone.
In Celsius, Fahrenheit the same cold is around.

Just two eyes cried to infrared. You are gone.

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difficult, difficult.
sorta like it...sad...reads hilariously
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I would really like to understand this poem. Would you help me, Peter? Thanks. I think I have got the idea but
Before I start explaning I must have an answer to a question. : Maj, are you blonde?
yes, highlights. Do you have blue eyes? if you answer this question I may be able to understand the first line.?
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I have blue eyes, but it's not about me. it's a mixture of material & psychical, touchable & untouchable, tenderness & roughness, gentle kisses & machoism, physics & metaphysics, sadness, sadness, sadness.

"there are no love poems just poems love"
I am going out for a drink. Could we talk about it later?
The great things about poems is that you can interpret it your own way, but my interpretation of this poem, most likely the wrong interpretation....Pieter, is this something emotional?

When I read it, it was sort of like someone died while giving birth. Weird, but that's how I saw it. I wanna know what's poem really about, too, Pieter.
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