Not sure if this is the right group but I am trying to find the complete poem/rhyme whaich starts off (at least how we were taught)

The Guggles in the bathroom wall
are heard but never seen at all
They put the water in the taps
they're such industrious little chaps
subsequent verses mention the 'Fungermush' and the 'bulbabloom(sp?) as far as I know (hearsay) this was from a comic/pamphlet around the time oof the end of the 2WW 1945-1950
can anybody help - the poem/rhyme was told by my grandfather to my mother and her siblings but only this 'verse' remains
any ideas anybody

(º·.¸(¨*·.¸ ¸.·*¨)¸.·º)

(¸.·º(¸.·¨* *¨·.¸)º·.¸)
I was also trying to find the source of this rhyme and found your enquiry. It was in a book which I had as a child but which in 1942 was in a case stolen when we moved by train from Scotland to Devon. We really missed the book and that rhyme - which had other verses I think - remained in the family memory. My father used to quote it and apparently I used to refer to the guggles as "dusty little chaps" as industrious was rather too much for a four year old. Another rhyme was about the 'Bulbablues' who pushed up the bulbs.
I have never forgotten this book and would love to find a copy. Your enquiry was a long time ago and I wonder if you had any luck in identifying the source.