Has anyone else ever noticed that if someone speaks with a Southern American accent, people automatically think they're not as intelligent as they'd normally think. I know it's true in some places, because I speak with a thick southern accent, and it's almost as if some people look down on you in a sense. I just think this is an interesting point and that it would be neat to discuss. Can't wait to hear from you!

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Sarah, I think you're absolutely right - it's a stupid, baseless prejudice but I must admit it's one that I am subject to myself. I'm sorry! Emotion: crying

(I'm from Colorado, and once at Harvard I greeted a group of other students with "Howdy," which brought the response "I didn't know educated people ever used that expression!" from one of the Easterners)
I know what you mean.
I speak with a very thick Cajun accent because I am from Southeastern Louisiana. Most people think of me as a dumb and ignorant person due to that accent.
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I totally agree with you, khoff and kamirah.
For instance, I have some really good friends (who're not from around here) who tell me, "you have the weirdest accent." I know they don't really mean anything by it, but it still makes you think on the point.

Yes, I think this is a common prejudice as well. I have a friend from Kentucky, and he has to put up with a lot of teasing for his accent (okay, okay... from me included). I don't personally know of anyone who would seriously judge someone simply from accent, but the South and Southerners occupy an interesting place in the American psyche. Take a step back and you will realize that the South is probably the most satirized and mocked region within the United States. As someone not native to the South, I can tell you that the images usually presented to me by the media is that of a region full of racists, religious fanatics, and rednecks. While I think that most Americans realize that these are stereotypes, many do let these perceptions cloud their judgment.
I do support you that stereotypes spoil our lives!
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Hi Sarah, hi dear all!

I've never heard of that, to tell the truth.
Although I'm ignorant of your theme, I'd like to ask:

Do you know Holly Hunter?
Southern accent is prominent in her pronunciation??

I ask you because I like her so much!
Just out of curiosity. Thanks!
Viognier, I've heard of Holly Hunter, but I'm not sure who she is Emotion: smile

I know Holly Hunter! She's a noted actress. I believe she won a Oscar for her role in The Piano, and recently she was the voice of Mrs. Incredible in The Incredibles. She is originally from Georgia, and she does have a southern accent, although I think it has been somewhat marred by many years away from the South and a minor lisp.
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