Space travel has been possible for some time and some people believe that space tourism could be developed in the future? Do you think it is positive or negative development?

It is a long time since ancient people discovered the space. Nowadays, people are trying to make use of it by developing space tourism in the future. From my point of view, this development is negative due to some bad effects on humans.

Initially, there is a possibility that the space could be polluted if people visit it. At their countries, the residents and visitors pollute their tourists destinations and beautiful landscapes such as historic sites, monuments and man-made structures even though they are banned from doing that. People contanminate the Earth so much that it is difficult for us to ensure whether the space will be ruined by trash and toxic fumes or not. For example, when traveling to space, travelers always will bring drinks and food. After fishing eating and drinking, they can secretly leave the wastes in the space because of their lack of awareness of protecting it.

Besides, it goes without saying that the more the space tourism develop, the more money will consume on it. People have to produce more and more modern transportation which is extremely money-consuming because they need a great number of complicated machinery parts. Furthermore, it can cause some kinds of pollution like air pollution and water pollution. To illustrate, when the workers produce space machines, they dump industrial wastes into seas and release the smoke into the air which leads to the bad quality of atmosphere. Consequently, humans have to be responsible for more serious environmental problems like those.

In brief, I still claim that developing space tourism will negatively affect on human beings. People have to lose much money on it and withstand more pollution. Also, the space will be polluted.

Thank you so much for checking my essay! Have a nice day!

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