How many spaces should there be between a full stop and a new sentence?
Thanks Maj,

Apparently you should punctuate thus:

Hi, I am hitchhiker. This is a test sentence, with some common punctuation; and more!

Leave a single space after punctuation; then continue with your text.
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It depends on how close you are to the computer screen, the size of the screen... I leave it to my wordprocessor speller.It does wonders. Futhermore, it never fails to work!
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Thanks Hitch. You are always so helpful!
hey everyone .... i'm just flying by!!! wayyy too busy to participate in the summer, but i'll be back in winter. i happened to click on this post for some reason and HAVE to answer. Hitch is right, it IS one space after punctuation - however, after a full stop (or period) it's two spaces. Like this. See you all in the winter ***
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That fullstop rule was for printing, in the 'olden days' It's now not so important.
Hi Hitchi

THanks for the English science joke,but I didn't get it for the (.) fullstop joke.HOw did you laugh at it?

Derek come back and explain yourself.
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I learnt many years ago and was taught that after a full stop you should leave two spaces and after a comma leave one space. Some people leave three but I think two is adequate! I don't think it is something that is "written in stone" but is considered the "norm."


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