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The amount of spam I get finally surpasses 500 per day! The inbuilt Thunderbird bayesian filter seems to get rid of about 30%, Spambayes seems to get rid of about 40%, but I have still been left with many little pains in the ass - until today!
Today I gave Spamato a go. Brilliant. Of over 600 incoming e-mails, I got only one false positive, and ZERO spam got through!
The only thing I worry about is that it uses Java to reference some server somewhere to update its database. It actually sends headers and e-mail content from my computer too, though it is all apparently only hashed.
Does anyone know whether this software is a potential security risk? I hope not, because it is BRILLIANT!

(Hello to Anonymous friends out there. LOLZ)
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Thanks Xorez,

I'll try them. Spamato works REALLY well, but does use an inordinate amount of CPU. (no problem on a new machine, but kills an old one).
Hi Mike, have you tried it yet? Is it worth using?
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Hi Prez,

Sorry for not having replied sooner, I have been busy with many things here.

No, I'm sorry to report I have not tried it yet. I hope to get back to a regular schedule soon, so I should have more time then.

Cheers from Japan :-)
Hi Mike,

Sorry for replying Emotion: smile However, I'll stand with google's standard anti-spam system.

Cheers from xUSSR!
Google? GOOGLE? Google is the AntiChrist's little helper! :-)
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Well, I passed this info on to my brother, who has installed it [and Java Script yet again], and so far is pleased with the results. He says it does take a little time to clear the spam on logging on, but it is effective, and if it gets it wrong, it is easy to over-ride it.