The amount of spam I get finally surpasses 500 per day! The inbuilt Thunderbird bayesian filter seems to get rid of about 30%, Spambayes seems to get rid of about 40%, but I have still been left with many little pains in the ass - until today!
Today I gave Spamato a go. Brilliant. Of over 600 incoming e-mails, I got only one false positive, and ZERO spam got through!
The only thing I worry about is that it uses Java to reference some server somewhere to update its database. It actually sends headers and e-mail content from my computer too, though it is all apparently only hashed.
Does anyone know whether this software is a potential security risk? I hope not, because it is BRILLIANT!

(Hello to Anonymous friends out there. LOLZ)
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The same with me!They send me nearly 30 emails everyday! I'm gonna register another mailbox!
It's a pain in the neck, isn't it!

Try Spamato. It works brilliantly! I get maybe one spam mail a day now! YAY!!!

Good luck :-)
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Yeah, it's not a pleasant thing))) I've registered a new mailbox at(is this preposition ok?) google.com. It works faster than other email services and there's some kind of strong antispam protection.
lol Yep, 'at' is perfect... but Google sucks! They want to control the world! lol
Hehehe... Isn't the world already being controlled by uncle Bill?
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lol Yep, and his cronies.
Have they bought Yahoo! yet?))
You might want to try Spamihilator or Junkanoo also. Both promise to inhibit 98% of all the junkmail. But, as you said, Spamato's great, too.
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