I want to help people with speech and pronunciation, so I created over 5000 audio clips and practice scenarios. It's free because I want everyone to learn. Let me know what you think and where I need to improve the site.

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I wish I hadn't to sing in. I already have a mess managing some nicks and passwords, I can't memorize many more. :^)
it seems useful.

I will try it.

I need sth like this.... very thanks
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hi talk English, Steve

I cannot open your site. what is going on?

I loved it very much

please go on with your work.it will be perfect soon.

thanks for everything

I hope it will be ok..

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I have also problems to open the website. But it sounds very good...
Sorry, I had problem one day with my connection. Everything should be good now.
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Hi there! My name is mitch from the Philippines. I just wanna know if the www.talkenglish.com site is for free because i am interested in improving my English. Thank you.
TalkEnglish.com is 100% free for everyone. No place where it asks for money. Enjoy.
The site looks great. Congratulations! I'm just wondering, how did you manage to get your site name on TalkEnglish? I thought they didn't allow promotion here. Just curious...Emotion: smile
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