Which is grammatically correct? Or can both of them be correct and it's a matter of choice?

I speak very good English.
I speak English very well.

I think it might be the second one?

I speak English very well


Both are correct.

He spoke very good English and appeared pleased to see us, and we soon felt quite at home...
Luckily for me, he spoke very good English.


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Unless English grammar has changed this rule in the last 30 years, "he spoke English very good" is NOT proper English. The proper way to state this is, "he spoke English very well". The sentence, "he spoke very good English", may be correct but it's because it's placement is different within the sentence. If I'm wrong, I will rip up my Bachelor's degree. If I'm right then you need to admit that you should have mentioned this very common mistake since you claim to be an authority on this subject.
Anonymous"he spoke English very good" is NOT proper English.
First of all, you are responding to a thread that no one has posted to for more than a year, so you may be talking, but it's likely that those who wrote the previous posts in the thread are not listening. They are long gone. It's important to check the dates on these things.

Secondly, nobody asked a question concerning whether "He spoke English very good" was correct. You yourself have recognized that word order is important. Respondants are under no obligation to answer questions that were not asked, nor to discuss tangential topics to the question asked.

Lastly, there is no need to write in such an excited state and accusatory mood. Capitalizations like NOT are rude, as they represent shouting. You don't need to threaten to rip anything up, and you don't need to make people admit things nor accuse them of incompetence. Such childish outbursts are not appreciated on this forum.

Add your comments if you like, but realize that we all will appreciate it if in the future you keep them courteous, cool, and calm.

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And lastly (though I'm equally guilty of posting after a long time-lag): "it's placement"?
The second one is correct way of saying.
I am sure the second one is right
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I speak English very well
AnonymousI speak English very well
i speak english verry well
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