Which one is correct:

I want to speak with you

I want to speak to you

It's always nice to speak to you

It's always nice to speak with you

Thanks in advance
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Having Immersed in American English for over 2 decades, I would say "with" is more common and less imposing.

With - tends to make the conversation perceived as mutual.
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Might I speak to you for a moment?
Might I speak with you for a moment?

Both polite, both appropriate, and neither ominous or threatening.

Speak to you - You only need to listen.
Speak with you - An exchange of words.
From what I know the correct form is Speak to specially in written english. In spoken english maybe you can say speak with and nobody will notice it. I am studying Grammar for the TOEFL and also an advanced grammar book and it has mentioned that Speak to is the correct form.
The last two examples you are giving are of "spoke."


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Speak with: Extremely formal and not used very often.

Speak to: More commenly used, exceptable in formal situations too.

But linguistically speaking, I think they're both correct. Just say what feels right to you.

You are yourself making mistakes "exceptable in...." or "acceptable in..."

I think it's : talk to and

speak with
*Speak now!* ;-) --> this sounds very threatening, mouahaha
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This is absolutely correct. Speak with not speak to. Talk to not talk with!

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