Hi. Can anyone tell me which of the following is correct in both of the sentences below? I'm not sure about the rules regarding these plural words. Thank you!

A podium can become a barrier between speakers and their audience (or should it be audiences?).

These presenters look up over the audiences' heads. (or should it be... These presenters look up over the audience's heads)
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Hi Parkp,

Welcome to Englishforums!. Here, the noun 'audience' is a plural noun, and it means 'a group of listeners or spectators'. Hence, you can say 'audience' instead of 'audiences'. But, wait for natives.
Yeah Krish! "Audience" is uncountable noun, its meaning is plural. It is used with the meaning "a group of listeners or readers", like the word "people". Nobody uses "peoples". Emotion: wink

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But I think it is possible to use "peoples" in the phrases like this, for example:

"The peoples of the former Soviet Union".

Can anybody say if I am right?
audience is already a plural noun.ıt is wrong to add -s after it so it must be audience's
Not necessarily.

Audience is not so mucn a plural as a collective noun - in the same way as herd or group. You can have more than one herd or group or audience. Supposing you had two movie theatres next to each other, each showing a different film, and both very popular. You could say both audiences enjoyed their evening.

Something belonging to a single audience would be audience's. Something belonging to more than one audience would be audiences'. The audience's applause continued for 10 minutes. The two movie theatres were running fantastic films and their audiences' appreciation was easy to see.

Ruslana, yes you are right.
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Nona, thank you for the answer. Your explanation is really good.
OMG! I didn't expect that a lot of people are not pretending to know something about language. "Peoples" is correct when you refer to different races. "Audiences" is likewise correct when you refer to different types of audience.
Dear Ruslana,

People is a collective noun so we can eiither put " 's " when we are reffering people as a possesive noun like " people's government" if you want to mention number of people you could always use pupils, instead od peoples :-)

So you could use either of the below:

  • " The People of the former Soviet Union"

  • " The pupil of the former Soviet Union"
Instead of writing the above mentioned examples, writing in the following way wiil be appropriate:

  • " The members of the former Soviet Union"

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