I have some difficulties while speaking English with people. I always can not say a simple word infront of people but can say it out loud while i am alone. I found this so problematic. I need to improve my speaking skills as I am studying in the university and all subjects are taught in English. I want to parcitipate in classes but sometimes i feel so shy and keep quite until the classes finished.
I suggest that you practise as much as possible, however, to gain confidence you can try reading books in English (even simple books) out loud. That way you will be training yourself to get used to your voice whilst talking in English. It is amazing how such a simple exercise can be so effective. I've tried it with my students and within a few weeks their confidence level increased a real lot!
I've got the same problem. If I could talk to myself I speak pretty good but if there's someone to talk to, I shy and sometimes forget the basic vocabulary. Everybody tells me not to speak fast and think it over before you say something.

Well, good luck Emotion: smile.