I would say that the language you speak is kind of a central part of your identity. I suppose the language you speak defines the way you think sometimes. Do you think that speaking a foreign language adds another side to your personality?
Very interesting, Maj. I believe that speaking a foreign language does add 'something' to our personalities, or maybe even give us a kind of 'another' personality. I myself always feel that I sort of switch between personalities when I speak different languages. It seems that when I'm speaking English, I always try to 'behave' in English. We try to adapt ourselves to the English culture and also to their way of thinking. This might well be the results of what people call 'thinking in English', which in my opinion is not only about using correct English (the language), but also about absorbing the culture and their way of thinking.
Very well said!!!!!!! Orpheus
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When I speak French I feel great??
I think knowing another language stops ignorance, and helps you to repsetc other peoples.
Where is www.woodward.cl? I tried to go there, and it had gone.
I could not understand the word 'repsetc'. Can you send me the meaning of it?
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Sometimes English and Chinese are different so that I’ll make mistakes. But in most time they are similar to me.
I don’t think the language I learn gives me another personality. I want to know what makes you think so.
AnonymousI could not understand the word 'repsetc'. Can you send me the meaning of it?
It's an error because he was inattentive, he meant "respect" Emotion: wink (I hope you understand what respect mean Emotion: stick out tongue )
I would have to agree with Southafrica. There are whole new worlds that are opened up when we decide to learn a new language. The world becomes that much more closer and that much more friendlier when you can speak another language. I don't think that it changes our personalities, do I do definitely think that a new language enhances our personality, making us a more well-rounded person, culturaly respectful and open-minded. At least that how I feel about Spanish and Korean.
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