I want to improve my speaking skill ,how I proceed ,the path I want ?
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Try to speak English a lot. Joining English speaking clubs is a good way to improve your speaking skill.
im a new comer, im from pakistan, i just want to speak good english, can u people help me out in this regard?
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How can i be in position of speaking out the appropriate word of what's in my mind and communicate it to others?
i have a problem of forgetting some words,so i decide to stay quiet.

How can i utter English words fluently?

How can i learn how to converse or tell a story throughout in English
Hi guest,

The process of putting your thoughts into words is called articulation. Obviously, this is only possible if you've got the words to match the thought. There's no easy way to improve your diction; you've just got to read a lot and keep a dictionary by your side. People might tell you to watch films in English, but I wouldn't recommend this: in films, thoughts are put into images, not words.
hi all, This is Eric (my english name) from China. I just signed up this site. I just happened to find this site. It is very helpful for my Englsih study, I think. Also, I want to make some friends here.
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iam nesan I want to improve my english

my drawback was while reading there english there is no problem but while writing i do lot

lot of spelling mistake so how would i get rid of this spelling mistake

please send few tips regarding this
Hi Nesan,

Other people have had your same problem -- just look at these topics and you'll be on the way to practicing your speaking skills:

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did u get any advise advise from any one, if yes , can u please help me?
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