Do you not use the word 'leisurely' while speaking?


It's a common word that might pop into any conversation.

Martha told him to hurry, but he just strolled leisurely to where she was.

I like to spend the weekend leisurely.

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Thanks. Longman labelled the word leisurely as especially written. Others didn't. How much these labels are to be kept in mind?

When there is a discrepancy, I would just ignore these labels.

This dictionary displays the frequency of usage. It the word is in the top 5000, or more frequent, it is likely to be used in conversation. Rarer words are more likely to be in written material.

For example, "ambulatory" would be unusual in conversation. "Able to walk" would be used instead.


And "grab" would be much more used in speaking than "wrest"


I did think leisurely was common enough to be spoken. Ambulatory and wrest do sound like big words. Therefore if a word or phrase sounds familiar enough it must be spoken?

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BulbulTadaI did think leisurely was common enough...

to pop up in conversations. Yes, I have heard it on occasion.

BulbulTada Therefore if a word or phrase sounds familiar enough it must be spoken?

All words can be spoken. If we can write them, we can read them, and reading is the same as speaking.

But that does not mean that people will incorporate all words into their everyday speech, especially conversations with friends or colleagues. Rarely used words just are ignored, because there are more common words and phrases that express the same idea. Someone who deliberately uses elitist or esoteric vocabulary words might be considered a snob.

Yes thanks -- common enough to come up in conversation. You can well understand our difficulty trying to decide which word is more common unless you talk to us often or we read or listen to conversation audios often.

The more common words are spoken ones used in speaking or used/pop up in conversation.
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