Describe a place you would like to visit in the future.

I always want to go to Solvang in California, USA. I'm trying to do hard work at the present to prepare for long haul flights.

I knew "Denmark village" when I was by chance surfing on Facebook and I immediately have been gravitated to this picturesque village. Solvang resemble a romantic and poetic town with the tall pointed housed built following Denish architecture, wildwills, the blades of the wind-powered rice mill, and the colorful flowers to hang on gas lantern. It makes me feel that this place looks like an unexplored wilderness of wonderland which usually appears in fairy tales of Disney. Stunning landscape in Santa Vnuz velley don't have skyscrapers, it isn't also as bustling and dynamic as many city else. "Denmark village" brings historical and peace breath, suitable for disconnect from work and getting away from it all special someone loving going off the beaten track. This is one of reasons why I choose this destination.

If I have a lot of time, I will both go sightseeing and try local food. I really expect that I can taste wine in local bars or vineyard &winery factory or experience Danisa cake in the Danisa store.

I think Solvang is worth visiting tourist attractions at least one in my traveling plan. I really look forward to setting frot in here one day to fully immersed in the scenic landscape here.

Please help me check the speaking! Thank you so much!

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