i am from india and am good in english from what iv heard from other people but it just happens that sometimes in the middle of a conversation im at loss of words or sentences.its like i completely forget the language itself and i get frustrated and lose confidence,but after sometime when i think about what went wrong i find the words or sentences that i should have used just pop into my mind. Cant seem to understand the problem.
Welcome! Emotion: smile

But you got off to a bit of a bad start. Don't be lazy; take the time to use proper punctuation, capitalization and spacing and to avoid too-long sentences. Don't use inappropriate contractions like "iv".

If you rewrite your post here with better English, I and others will help you with your English problems.

I realize that you may be focussing more on spoken English, but here you have to write and the lazy English that you wrote above will turn at least some people away from helping you.

Actually, aside from the things I criticized, your English seems to be pretty good.Emotion: smile
sand007in the middle of a conversation im at loss of words or sentences
It happens to the best of us. Emotion: smile

You just need to keep practicing so that the words will eventually come to you automatically. Emotion: smile