Hello guys,
I don't know if anyone shares the same problem as me. I have a hard time try to talk with people. It seems like my mouth doesn't allow me to talk. Sometimes I can talk smoothly with my friends or people I don't know. But most of the time I couldn't able to complete the sentence. It is like I couldn't find any words to say it out. Even a simple sentence. =( . I have been in US for 10 years. But it seems like my english speaking doesn't improve much. If some one knows the solution to my problem I would really appricate to hear it. With this problem I have a hard time with the interviewer because I can't able to express myselfz. =(
Hi Rebron718,

What is your native language? Do you find it hard to speak your native language, too? Far from all people are as talkative as I am, and I wouldn't blame them for being less chatty: In fact, silence is quite appropriate, and even valued sometimes. However, basing on what you have written, you have a communicational problem with your English rather than with spoken language in general (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). This often has to do with one's anxiety: You simply don't feel comfortable speaking English as you're afraid of making mistakes, sounding unsophisticated or silly, or something of the kind. Many people share this issue with you, and you can certainly improve your communciational English. The most suitable approach depends on why exactly you feel insecure about communicating in English. If you're worried about your pronunciation, for instance, you could work on it and thus become a more confident speaker. Judging from your written English you have all the vocabulary and grammar skills needed to be understood and communicate efficiently with English-speaking people. Perhaps you'd like to practise speaking in front of the mirror? It might help. Talking to yourself could make you a more confident communicator. Also, you might like to see a language speech pathologist who could help you.
Here's one more idea. You said you are in the US. If you live near a public library that supports the Adult Literacy Program, there may be a tutor available to help you practice your English. Despite the name of the program, tutors tend to work on whatever aspect of language the learners need.

The tutors are volunteers who have had some training. Sometimes there can be a long list of people waiting for tutors, but you might get lucky. The program is run by an Adult Literacy Coordinator, who usually works in one of the main libraries of the local system.

(I was a tutor with this program. My first student wanted help reading English, her first language. But my second and third students were learning English as their second language. We worked on conversation, as well as on reading and writing.)

I think you need to be at least 18 and not currently enrolled in a degreed program in order to qualify as an adult learner. And you should agree to meet with your tutor at least 2 hours a week.
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Hi Nef,

Your suggestion sounds excellent! I must say people in the US are quite lucky as they have access to such help at public libraries.
Thanks, Englishuser. Not every area has this program. But a lot of places participate.
the problem that u talked about is ,i think , due to your personality , feeling shy or afraid that the others would laugh at you while speaking ,these factors can affect your speaking negativly , so try to make a challenge first , and breake this wall then you will see the reversal ...
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I am also facing similar kind of problem. I know english very well. During my school days I was one of the good students in english grammer. Now, I am good in written english. Sometimes I speak very well, smoothly. But many times I make grammatical mistakes & then if I start watching my sentences while speaking, it becomes even worst. I could not produce simple sentences also. But on the same topic if I think for a while just by myself & then speak, I can speak very well. I think my thinking & speaking doesn't go hand in hand. Or I take more time for thinking that is why I can not speak well at the same time. Could any one please guide me the ways to overcome this problem?