i would like to talk english ...for that what should i do.....all my friends are high standard...i am not able to hang up with them ...i think it seems no problem when the question of typing arises ...i mean to type in english...my problem comes when i speak something ..even the simplest words like....where did u go ?if i were to type alone think alone and then type then its easier for me ...better very easy for me within sec i have written the whole paragraph...but if i was to tell abt anything like "where are u going" or "what did u do today " i always makjes mistakes in that ... i would like to improve my english.......what should i do ...plz dont take this as a funny matter ...its sumthing that makes me nasty......
sorry the topic meant was "speaking english "and not senglish"sorry for that "
The best way to improve is to immerse yourself in English. Use it as often as you can. Instead of using your native language to talk to your family, try using English instead. Watch a lot of English programs. Read lots of books. I always tell my students that they need to practice a lot, and do a lot of self study. You may also want to invest some money in a good English teacher. Of course, the learner must be properly motivated to study in the first place. Just remember that in life there are no short cuts. You have to put in the work and time before you can reap the benefits.
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teacher ....u insisted on reading books ...but what kind of books should i read...i dont like any story books..ne'er in my life i read any....my sister has a subscription of readers digest ...will that do .....and also what is "anonyms and synonyms"..thanx for the first repy

Well, what I think is that if your problem is Speaking, there are certain hints to follow.

1. Speak to yourself in English and listen to you. Maybe it's you the one interfering. Everyone speaks different, and everyone needed time to have a good pace when speaking. So fluency doesn't just appear, it's a matter of practice.

2. There are lots of websites on the web where you could go and listen to English and repeat the phrases, expressions, dialogues. You need to speak if you want to speak. Exercise speaking as much as you can.

3. Believe in yourself. Faith is importance as well as practice. Both go together. So never surrender.

Bye, good luck
i thing you are quite thats why.Try to talk a lot thats will help you.
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Emotion: smile just believe in your self just read more books but english that's my advice just reseach in the internet or in the dictionary to the words that you cannot understand
Hi Sir,

I am new user in your site, but i want improve my self in English. But i have some problem in my
Pronunciation so how i can improve........ please suggest.....

Pawan Kumar Noida