im cynthia from hyderabad AP INDIA.im not that bad in speaking but i cant speak well when im talking to peolple who are very perfect in speaking..
i just need to improve while speaking and be confident on what i speak..
can u send me some tips or suggestions to improve my confidence while speaking..
waitin for ur reply
Cynthia, there are no secrets to it except listening carefully and practicing. You are fortunate to have speaking partners available, so make use of them. Overcome any shyness by remembering how important it is to you to improve. The most talkative learners improve the quickest.
One of the best exercises for learning to speak a second language is reading aloud. Take a little time every day to read part of an English newspaper aloud. This will really help you to get used to the flow of correct English speaking.

Hope it helps,

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Hi cynthia it's great that u can speak so getting confidance while speaking is not a problem at all. Here is a tip that really worked well when i practiced it so i would like to share it and it's like that :

prepare a speech and arrange for a tape recorder then go to an empty room having a big mirror then just imagine that u are standing infront of a big gathering then speak out what u have and let it all recorded. In the process of delivering speech keep on looking at your self in the mirror to find your expressions.after u finish liten from the recorder what u have recorded and make a note of where u speech staggered or where u made a mistake and why and on the next day repeat with the same and repeat the whole process to find the improvement in your expressions and utterances.Pracice will really make u perfect.

I hope u will really benefit from it. Do tell me about ur experience. Looking forward for a response from U.

God Blesss U.
I would discourage the use of "u" instead of "you". It's not a good habit and gives English speakers the impression that you are a baby or illiterate.
No, it doesn't give that sort of message. Using abbreviations like 'u' instead of 'you' is very common these days while chatting and writing on forums. It's a way of expressing your thoughts quickly; and not necessarily shows or implies that you are a baby. I have seen even acadamics use these 'shorties'.

Saad J.
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It certainly gives ME that impression and I feel it's inappropriate in a forum where people are trying to learn English. If they want to learn "txt-spk" thay can go to a "txt-spk" forum, not an English forum.

Many forums have a specific rule that bans the use of "txt-spk" in order to avoid misunderstandings.
I'm going to practice from today onwards

Whether you're preparing for a public speech, diploma presentation or simply going out for a date, you have to ensure that you're speaking clearly. I know how nervous it may be but you'll have to practice a lot and train your speech every day. Another important thing is knowing your target audience since your speech if for them, not about you. Determine the purpose of your speaking act and try to adapt it to the people who will be listening to you. And don't forget to be creative and let your personality come through.

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