When do I use the go or goes in the following sentences:

A special thanks goes/go to ....

A special thank you goes/go to .....

I know I can exclude the goes/ go part and say special thanka to..

But is there a difference for the use of goes or go? Or are they both the same here? Please help
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AnonymousDoes the same idea of ambiguity apply to 'A special thank you', in which both singular and plural verbs can be used?Many thanks!
I would use only a singular verb after a clearly singular subject.
Thank you for clarifying things.
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A special thanks goes/go to ....

can i say my sincere thanks goes to the Almighty Allah?

anonymousmy sincere thanks goes to the Almighty Allah?

That sounds a bit facetious—you might incur His wrath.

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I think go is correct but it rhymes with goes and as 'a' is used with thanks goes can also be used
'Thanks' connnotes a singular noun of appreciation. Hence goes should be appropriate.