On October 23 , 1947 , at about 7:30 A.M in Marksville, Louisiana, a small town in the United states , it suddenly started raining fish.
the town's bank director reported the hundreds of fish had fallen into his yard,,, etc etc

I suppose to write 8+ sentences on what could have happened.

Need help

I wrote this.

The bank director could have been lying. It's impossible that it could have rained fishes. If it was possible then god could have dropped hundreds of fishes so that people could eat. Maybe they lied to make their town popular. Since they are fresh , it could be the fisherman who dropped all his fish into someones yard. It could have been a dream

Or does anyone know a good one ? I need 8 sentences or what ever! ;/
but I need those to be corrected. lol

If you are asking us to correct what you've written, you need to be more straightforward. "Please correct what I've written below." "I need those to be corrected lol" is not a very clear request.

Use "fish" instead of "fishes."

God gets a capital G.

Who is "they" in "they lied"?

It was in the past, so you need "were" instead of "are."

Someone's is possessive.

Do you think dreams get reported in the newspaper?

What if a tornado sucked up fish from a nearby lake and dropped the fish when the wind died down?

You could use an introductory sentence: There are several explanations for ...
Thx. I will write that Emotion: smile