I try to wrtie speeches because I member of Toastmaster clubs, May you read below speech and tell me how to improve my writing?

My dady

I wounder if my Dady Is her , would things been diffrent? would he mad it diffrent?

I lost my DAD 2007, first year i got work and graduate from college, i never give him a gift from my salery, and i never bought him a purfume. I lost him when i become a woman, and had feelings to Love and dreams to acheive.

You tell me would he make things diffrent?

you have your Dady may be so you may tell me better

A woman like me needs a true man in her life, a man can support her and care for her. a man who give and take.

All the men i meet in my life they were the taker type, they do not give any thing or simple things even. They know how to get what they want.

I was really mest up with this kind.

Now i am scared, and i do not know how to diffrentiate between them? the giver and the taker

between true man and a losser.

Some will tell follow your heart?

I have a problom with that, i have a sweat and honest heart. strong right but kind too. so i am scared to relay on my heart.

will Father take care of this? if he is alife would he make things diffrent?

I do not know

cous! i lost my Dady
I'm sorry about your dad..

Well, if you want your speech to be improved this is the wrong section. I'm sure a moderator will move the topic soon , so that you can get help Emotion: smile
Thank you Alex,

why moderator will move the topic?
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AmalOthmanThank you Alex,
why moderator will move the topic?
Because this section is for people who want to exchange their meaning about controversial topics. And you want your spech correct, don't you ?
Yes, you are right.

I did not know where to put.

any way it's ok. I got your reply at least.

Thank you again Alex
friend,very sorry for your dad.........but this is not a speech and it has to be improved.......probably a moderator will help you.
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