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ummmm what are handphones???
mam thanks a lot for posting things like this...........this has helped me a lot ......i'm a student of class 12 and speeches are of great importance to me.
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nice eXplanation
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good morning to the respected dignitaries and fellow friends

I am here to talk on the topic deforestation

day by day deforestation is becoming common as we are using trees for making many things in our daily life.If we observe clearly every thing in our daily life are directly or indirectly made of wood.it's okay if we use limited part from trees but we are using all parts of tree by forgetting that trees are the only things that make us possible to survive .due to deforestation the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing and oxygen is decreasing and this is the main reason for global warming.many green house gases are releasing in atmosphere due to deforestation and causing ozone depletion. Without thinking about all this we are cutting trees and killing us our self.that means we human beings are always supporting deforestation thinking that is the only way of living .

now we should stop talking about deforestation and do something to avoid it.instead of deforestation we have to support afforestation.If we plant more trees then we can survive for a long time and we should to stop using more forest products.

thank you

is this correct way if there are any mistakes please correct it and post
It was very useful for me.Everything was explained
in brief.
thx a lot😊
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Emotion: embarrassedthank u for giving such a brief script on speech writing
Good luck
Thanks for your help!! Appreciate this short and brief guide on speech!
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Thanks for really helpfully explation
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