I work as a secretary and I sometimes have to spell names on the telephone. Sometimes it's difficult to understand some letters which are pronnounced in a similar way so it's usual to include a word which begins with that letter. I know there's an international list to spell words, for example I think the word for 'A' is 'Alfa'. But in Spanish when we spell a word we normally say the name of a city or country, for example: 'A' de Argentina, 'B' de Barcelona, and so on.

What do people from English speaking countries do? Is there a set list you normally use? And another question, do you say: 'A' from/of Argentina?
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You say A for Alpha (or whatever).

Yes there is an official list but most people don't know it all (I know F for Foxtrot but that's about it). Most people just think of something on the spot A for Apple, etc. First names seem to be a popular choice for a lot of letters, A for Adam, B for Bertie, C for Charlie, F for Freddy, etc. I wouldn't worry too much about what you pick as long as it is clear.
Thanks a lot nona.
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Here it is:

Alpha, Bravo, Charly, Delta, Echo, Fox(trot), Golf, Hotel, India, Juliette, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whisky, X-ray, Yankee, Zoulou.

It's used by airplane pilots, otherwise, you can use any word as long as it's clear, as Nona says Emotion: smile
thanks pieanne. Emotion: big smile
You know I've never seen the whole list before.

That explains why a popular show in the UK about a policewoman was called Juliette Bravo. I never watched it but assumed it was her name. Or perhaps it was and this was a joke I missed!
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Maybe JB might have had an additional meaning in her case? Emotion: smile You know, I simply googled for the list...
Another question, is it possible to say 'L as in Lima', as well as 'L for Lima'?

And how do you pronounce Lima /ai/ or /i:/
I always pronounce it like "lemur"...
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