I just LOVE this pun, it's gorgeous!! ***
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yep, and further about spelling: did you know that the word 'misspelled' is often misspelled, (mispelled instead of misspelled). Also, the word 'mispronounciation' is often mispronounced (/prenaunciei?n/ instead of /pren?nciei?n/). What an irony.
Is not the spelling of mispronounciation actually mispronunciation?
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[email protected]#$! Thanks a lot Mike, I have always thought that it was mispronounciation. Gosh, now I'm the one who mispelled mispronounciation!!!
Don't menshun it. OOOPS!
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Im reely not shore wut your tawking abowt.
Spelling is a lost art and Kitkat is a lost soul Emotion: stick out tongue
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