Can any one tell me how can I reduce my spelling mistakes when I need to write an article within a limite of time?

And could you please correct my grammar of this post writing


Erm, use a spell-checker? Or a dictionary?

Suggested corrections to your question:


Can anyone tell me how I can reduce the number of spelling mistakes I make when I need to write an article within a limited time?

And could you please correct my grammar in this post.
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Thanks Mr. Wordy for your replay.

According to my grammar mistakes that I have done in my first post, what is your suggestion to revise my grammar knowledge.

And again , could you please correct my mistakes that I did in this post.


I'm not really sure what to suggest apart from the obvious: read and listen to as much well-written and well-spoken English as you can; speak and write English yourself as much as possible with people fluent in the language who will be able to help correct any mistakes you make; and do some formal grammar study from books or in class. I'm not a teacher; you might want to ask this question in a new thread to see if someone with experience of teaching can give you any better advice.

Some suggested corrections:

Thanks for your reply, Mr Wordy.

Given the grammatical mistakes that I made in my first post, how do you suggest I improve my knowledge of English grammar?

And again, could you please correct any mistakes that I made in this post.


There are more than 1,71,476 words in English language so if you want to learn all of then to correct your spellings please forget it and if you really want to correct your spelling errors I suggest you to please speak correct pronunciation of words.Which word do you want to learn you should write that word on a piece of paper and stick on that place at your home where you go much more than any other areas of your home and speak the true English.


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