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10 out of 10
I got 8/10 but it was a great fun it helped me 😄😄
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I'm enthusiastic for this thanks

PunkybrewsterChoose which word is spelled correctly. Check our article on the most common misspelled words .

1. Thank you for your compliments about my photos, but I feel I am still an ---amateuramatueramature photographer.

2. Are you sure we need all these things for our kitchen? ---DefinatelyDefinitelyDefinetely .

3. I am very ---disapointeddisappointeddissappointed at my test results.

4. Oh stop that, you're ---embarasingemberrassingembarrassing me!

5. These ---exersisesexercisesexersices will help you with your spelling.

6. It was very difficult for me to ---maneuvermanuvermanoeuv the car during the rain.

7. I'm so ---gratefulgreatful for the present you gave me!

8. How ---wierdweird was that movie last night!

9. The machine was ---temporarilytemperarily out of order.

10. I hope you ---recievereceive a high score in this test.

The one choice you did not give, the correct choice, for question 6 was manoeuvre. I then decided in my disgust to abandon the test
I only missed one, my score reported two.
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I Got 8 out of 10