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according to what i can remember when i did this poem couple years ago it means the perspriration of the boys the water was salt and the smell remain with them something like that not too sure just trying to help[
suggestion? my teacher said that by saying he longed to forgive those kids who were rough, it was also implying that he was a haughty kid who felt that he had every right to forgive them.but then again there are many interpretations to a poem i guess =/
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"the salt coarse pointing of those boys"

well do you know when you get a cut? think about rubing salt into it! it burns like hell.

were doing this poem the now in my english class and thats what my teacher said so

"the salt coarse pointing of those boys" is basicly meaning it hurts the boy badly when they point at him

[H] hopefully i helped youEmotion: smile

I'm a spanish girl and my english teacher gave me this poem. I understood its meaning it's easy compared to other poems. But after we analised the poem, the teacher asked us to search information about it and I can´t find anything so if someone could help me I'd thank him or her a lot!!Emotion: big smile!
Abbie1948I'll bet you a fiver they would, if one jumped out of a hedge! Emotion: wink
Hey i really like dis poemEmotion: big smileEmotion: smileEmotion: wink
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Hi I have to anaylse the poem Out of School by Hal Summers. Can you help me? Cause I'm finding it a bit difficult. Thank you
i am having to do this as well. and i have a question. how would u describe the tone?
what does this poem say about bullying?

I cant answer that question either..... anyone could help me?
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Hello Anon,

You could consider the possibility that the writer, unlike most victims of bullies, has an ambiguous attitude towards those who persecute him.

Best wishes,

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