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Thanks so much for posting all this information. I did this poem in class today and got a few questions to answer. They are not much of a challenge but i think you all should try answering them. Here they are

  • In stanza one, how did the poet describe the boys' physical appearance?
  • In stanza two, the poet spoke of fear. What fear did the poet have?
  • Why was 'tigers' and 'dogs' used to describe the boys behaviour?
  • Which line expresses the attitude of the poet towards the boys' behaviour?
  • How would you describe the poets childhood?
  • What comparisions were used to describe the boys? Were they suitable? Why do you think the poet used these comparisons?
Thankyou so much!!!! this helped me so much in my literature poem paraphrasing!!!!!!!!!! this was really nice of u!
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The metaphor 'the salt coarse pointing of those boys' illustrates this in a striking way since it merges the sense of taste and touch with the speaker's feelings. It also suggests rubbing salt into an emotional wound, which makes it even more sore.
THis poem is written by Stephen Spender who in this poem has written about his past life when he was just a child and was bullied by poor children who dearly hated him. His parents aware of the fact the boys were very wild strong enough to cause harm to their child, so they had prevented him from hanging out with them, but the chidren will not leave him alone and to make his life miserable. They liked to bully him by beating him, mocking him by using strong words that would hurt his feelings as if they were throwing stones at him which really hurt if it's actually thrown at us. The poets parents really loved and cared about him whereas their parents did not care about them and so the children would be left to themselves and have full control over their own lives and do whatever they felt like doing. Their parents couldn't afford new clothes for them so they had to wear their same torn clothes with their thighs being showed through their pants which was in very bad condition. Their parents would treat them badly and thats the reason for why they treated the poet badly , because their parents were a bad example to them. Their parents couldn't afford facilities like videogames which the poor boys could have used to entertain themselves. Thats why they would have fun by spending most of their time outdoors running in the streets climbing cliffs and playing or even take a shower in the country streams. They didn't have anyone to look after them and tell them whats right or wrong, so they didn't mind bullying the poet . THe poet feared them more than tigers who are known as the most dangerous creatures alive and who would love to tear eat the flesh of a human. He had felt their great strength when they would put their knees tight on his arms and punch him continuosly. THe poet was even frightened when they pointed at him with a rude, rough and evil expression as if they were going to something evil to him or bad to him like inflict pain on him like they normally do. This tells us that the poet feared them in such a way that even their pointings would frighten him. When they pointed at him he felt a wound pinching him before they had even touched him. They had a muscular and a very flexible body. They had spent most of their lives outside in the cruel and selfish world in which they had some experiences that made them so rough and tough. They would hide behing hedges and run after the poet when they saw with having bad intensions like strike to the ground. They would copy his lisp to moch him and throw mud at him as if they had no respect for him and no they didn't. As they threw mud at him he just ignored them and pretended to smile. He wanted to frogive and be friends with them, but they never smiled back and dearly hated him more than anything else.
I longed to forgive them, yet they never smiled

He really wanted to become friends with them, play them and run in the streets together like friends do but the insensitive other boys wouldn't let him, they didnt invite him they even didn't want to become friends with him. They thought of him as the bate.
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Thx man.
thank you soooo much this has helped me soo uch for my notes for an assesmant i have to do tomazEmotion: smile
hi there i'm studying this poem at school and the meaning of (the salt course pointing of those boys)

the speaker is trying to say that:

he feels like the boys are rubbing salt in his wounds which would sting
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thanks alot sir it really helped out
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