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thank you soo much for those posts you have like helped me so much with my english homework.
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i am strangly doing a test o thursday aswell i have to anyalise a poem of my choice

i am choosing this poem i believe the salt course pointing of those boys refers to there cruel hurtful words.

hope i could help
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i think spender here wants to say that, his parents protected him from all hardship of lives which made him vulnerable from the rough and sterner faced society.
Emotion: rock WOW. i was not the one who asked for the help but ti help alot. i too had to undergo a exam this weak. and to this person who analized this poem THUMBS UP[Y] keep up the good work.[Emotion: party]

once again thanks for the helpEmotion: shake hands
did the boys touch the narrator quote? can u pls ans this question
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is there anything ambiguous in this poem?
I don't think "I feared more than pedophiles" has quite the same ring to it. Emotion: wink
Sorry dnn't agree with that ,my teacher said something completely different, teachers aye
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I got an English homework about this poem and this really helps! THANKS A LOT!Emotion: big smile
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