I am wondering one because we never had any class speaking about that at uni...

Let's say, I have to call a company and I want to introduce myself and ask to speak to someone, is the following text correct? Or is there specific expression to use?

Good Morning/afternoon,
Ludovic *** from COMPANY NAME,
I'd like to speak to Mr YYYY

Thanks in advance
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'Good Morning/Afternoon,
My name is Ludovic *** from COMPANY NAME,
I'd like to speak to Mr YYYYY, please.'

Always speak slowly. You must remember that the person who answers the phone may have had his/her attention on something else when he/she answered.

I have been doing it this way for years and have never had any problems. The slower and more distinct you speak the less often you are asked to repeat your request.

I hope that helps.
Thanks for your advice,

I start to phone today and will let you know if they understand meEmotion: wink

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I await with baited breath.
sometimes for me is very difficult to express my ideas and speak clearly, I don't know how increase o down my voice or the king of accent must be used for, please could you give me some advice about this?
Thank a lot
You know, I've got a pretty "shitty" accent!
no, in fact I have really really REALLY strong French accent Emotion: big smile

I do not know much when I have to use the intonation to modify my voice, etc...
But even today, I phoned something live 25-30 persons in the UK (Scots included!!! lol ) and they managed to udnerstand meEmotion: wink

I just try to speak quite slowly and if they do not understand I reformulate, rather than re'saying a second time the same sentences...

I don't know if it answers your question :/ I'm not sure to have understood it.

P.S.: 1 night + 1 computer + me = A nice report in English for tomorrow morning 8.A.M. Emotion: stick out tongue
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who hold in related to this information? i need reference them!
i am a university teacher i want to imporve my communication skill tomorrow a guest from england is comeing but i hane no idea hoe to introduce my self pl help me
I await with baited breath.

I'd wait with bated breath, Hotwombat. The other might have the other party diving for cover or suggesting some Listerine.Emotion: wink

Not to worry; I've done it meself.
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