I live in Roselle (a Chicago suburb), Illinois. My 6 year old niece has recently come to the US for the first time from India & has joined a school here. Since english is not her native language, she needs help with spoken english.
Would appreciate it if someone could give some information about spoken english classes.
Am looking for a tutor who also understands Hindi, since that is my neice's native language.

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im mahindra from india . don't be discouraged .English is a language but not knowledge
.so try to read as many english papers as she can.And make her to watch english movies.
Hi I'm Anita from California.I teach english in community college here.I taught Spoken English in Hyderabad, India for quite some time.I used to also teach some friends kids spoken english through post over there. I can speak Hindi fluently. So how can I help your niece?
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hi this is karthika from india i think u posted this mail on 2004 fine howz ur niece now i think now she grasped the language rite convey my regards to her take care bye

The local school would be the best bet to find someone to teach your niece English. The school should have resources or be able to point you in the right direction. You are lucky that your niece is young, since learning a new language is much faster that way. I would check with a local Hindu temple as well. Maybe post an ad on a bullentin board there, or ask if they could send an e-mail out requesting help.

Good luck!
To learn any language, first thing is that you need to have the passion to learn. Read a lot of English books with a dictionary at your side. Then slowly start talking with people in English even if you are not fluent. Practice is the only way to master the spoken language.
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You can use reading materials, such as Newspapers, you can also watch English films, use Dictionaries etc, there are 100s of reading materials and resources to help you learn English.

But you will need to practice your conversational English. You will need someone who knows English to answer you and to help you, with any questions etc. Learning the English language is hard but with determination and plenty of practice you will get there in the end. I am a Native English Teacher and have been teaching students in Tunisia, when they first meet me they advise me that they have fluent English from all their resources and then after the first lesson they say oh there is so much more and nothing beats speaking real English everyday, but I always tell my students never to give up, never to think they are not picking it up, they are with practice and more practice.

Practice makes Perfect.

I am teaching English online at the moment so feel free to contact me for lessons or just general information.

Take care

If you can afford to spend Rs.500, then nothing like the spoken English kit from CIEFL(Central Institute of English and Foriegn Languages), hyderabad.They provide cassettes along with the material and you can very easily learn by yourself at home.They teach you proper British accent.
I can help you. I'm an English teacher for seven years now. First,we'll start with writing composition.
Just email me and I'll correct your letter.
Well, about communicative or spoken English, you just need to talk with someone in English on a regular basis.
You don't need to spend if you can find a language exchange partner who is interested with learning your language. All you need to do is start using the language and you'll begin to learn.
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