I am new to this forum and I have found it very useful up to now. I have found a sponsor for my badminton career (Kason) but my problem is that I'm not confident in my requesting letter asking for their sponsor. I have written a letter based on a few examples and I will need some editing and help from you guys. Thank you so much.

NAME: Ben xxx

Kason Sports

608, 6/F, Welland Building, 368 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong.

Dear Kason

My name is Ben and I am a 14 year old Badminton player for Australia. Recently, I participated in the Val Nesbitt Tournament (whole of Australia) and achieved Rank 3rd for U15s. Unfortunately I lost the winning chance of winning as I didn’t quite play to my full potential that day but a loss is a loss. I am writing to ask for a sponsorship from Kason Sport Company because I believe Kason makes better and sells products cheaper over all other companies especially Yonex. I am also familiar with a few strong badminton players that Kason sponsors: Zhang Nan and Chen Tian Yu (As I also found out, he is on your website.)

I am currently in Beijing and training in Schichaha Sports School as it is holidays and for the upcoming tournament again which includes the whole of Australia. I will be training for two months as my goal is to win the upcoming tournament U17s (and that’s also how I got familiar with some strong players that your company sponsors.) I would like a sponsor from Kason because I believe Kason is a great company with great products over Yonex and I also help Kason by advertising your products which is beneficial for the company.

Australia is a sporting nation that takes pride in every sport. I have been playing badminton for 4 years and at the moment training really hard in the Beijing badminton school to hopefully win the U17 tournament in April. I believe I can at least make a good name in the tournament and also help Kason Company by representing Kason to Australia so I ask for your help by sponsoring me. As I said I will be training in Beijing for two months with strong players that your company sponsors. In addition, I have been offered sponsors from companies like: Yang Yang but I have rejected because I believe Kason is the best.

This sponsor may not be too easy but it will be greatly appreciated as I believe it is best benefit for your company and that it can help me do well in my upcoming Tournament.

Thank you for reading my letter, for further information and contact details please contact me by emailing to Email Removed">Email Removed or Tel: xxxxxxxxxx (My number)

Tel: xxxxxxxxxxx (My father’s number)

Yours Sincerely

Ben xxx

Thank you for reading and your help!

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