Ok, here goes what I'm looking for. I'm president of an off-road club, and I need to get some sponsors for an up coming event that we will be holding. I'm fairly new to writing this kind of thing and need some kind of help as I don't have any clue as to how to start (Yes I know I also don't have the best grammar as well). Up till this point, the previous officers had just called on people in person, but I want to try to take things to the next level and give a better representation of our club. Any kind of suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Stephen McNett
NOAS President

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Hi Stephen,

Your name
Your club title/position
Club Name
Club address


Person's name
Their title/position
Company name
Company address

Dear Mr. Person: (use a colon)

A one or two line paragraph that outlines why you are writing to them.

Next a 3-4 sentence paragraph on the benefits to your club.

Next a 3-4 sentence paragraph on the benefits to them of their sponsoring your event.

A 1-2 sentence paragraph saying thank you for considering your request. And that you will contact in him during the next week to speak with him. (Otherwise he is likely to ignore you.)

Yours truly,
Stephen McNett

That's it.

If you do a draft of the letter portion, we can try to help with the grammar and wordsmithing. But you need to spend a half hour (to maybe a couple hours) thinking on how you want to write the letter. It should fit comfortably on one page. And you really want to stress the benefits to sponsoring company. In other words, answer the question: Why do I want to spend my profits on you.

Hope that helps.


I work in marketing and often have to approach companies for sponsorship.

although I basically agree with the suggestions above, I would change the emphasis of the letter by stressing the benefits to the sponsoring company first. Companies get approached for sponsorship all the time, and you really have to sell your particular opportunity to them as a hard commercial benefit.
What will they get out of it? A fuzzy warm 'do-gooder' feeling is not enough for the vast majority of companies. How many people will be attending these events that they could have direct contact with/advertise to/give out freebies etc? What publicity can they get from their sponsorship?

Sell them the benefits hard.
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Dear Guest,

Agree with all your comments. Although it might be sponsorship, in the end it is really business.

Good comments!