Hi, I would like to go to Australia to work there, I dont have a visa and I would like to write a letter to few companies to ask if they can Sponsorship me to work there, anyone knows what kind of lettersare?? Thank you.
Please read the posts from the moderators in this thread. We do NOT write letter, provide letters, post letters, or e-mail letters to people. We simply review what people write themselves.
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Are you asking these companies to sponsor you or are you asking these companies of a job? Do you have the companies in mind that you want to write?

If you are asking for a job, you will need to post back to me what kind of job you are seeking and what your qualificarions are for that/those jobs.

If you are asking companies to sponsor you; that is, to provide you with money so that you can go to Australia and find a job on your own, you will have a much more difficult time getting a company to help you.

Post back your answers, and I will help you write a letter.
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I dont hold a Visa a need a company to sponsor me and give me a job too. I have a degree in Marketing and the last 2 years I have been working in an Advertising company so I would like to apply this area.

The job I am looking for is personal assistant in Creative department.

I know is difficult to fnd a company I am thiking maybe go there and studing somethings and maybe will be easy find a company.

This is my Resume


A creative and enthusiastic person with a diverse range of administrative and clerical experience. Outgoing with strong and effective organisational and communication skills. Good team player and able to use own initiative to achieve company objectives and with excellent computer skills. Versatile and learns new tasks/skills quickly.


2001-2003 Company: Young & Rubicam Position: Personal Assistant

? Personal Assistant of the Executive Creative Director and Coordinator of the Creative Department.
? Manage festivals,
? Prepare the material (prints, tapes),
? Type the entries form, payment the material,
? Book Hotels.
? Up date the list of the Festival Awards.
? Attendance to the department.

1999-2000 Company: TMI (Telecom Italia) Position: Bilingual Secretary

? Secretary of the Chairman of TMI Madrid and Portugal.
? Secretarial duties
? Support to the Administrate Department
? Classify and type invoices.

1998 Company: Meridian Productivity Position: Sales
? Telephoned potential customers
? Make a meeting between Chairman and our commercial
? Edinburgh (Scotland).

1997 Company: Look & Find Position: Ad Assistant
? Management advertising
? Meeting with the newspapers to negotiate price of the pages
? Designing ad
? Chairman Personal Assistant
? Assistant duties, telephoned, type informs, organise and schedule Diaries.

1996 Company: Tower Communications Position: Commercial

? To sell advertising spaces in magazines.
? Mailing our 4 magazines to our Clients.
? Updates company’s mailing database (Microsoft Access)
? Telephoned companies to check and verify names and addressed.


? 1995-1996 BA Honours in Advertising. Instituto Europeo de Comunicación and Marketing. Madrid. Spain

? 1991-1995 Diploma in Marketing. Escuela Superior de Marketing y Negocios M&B. Madrid. Spain


English: Fluent spoken and intermediate writing.
Spanish: Native language.


Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook, and Internet Explorer.


English Business Course at Stevenson College, Edinburgh. Scotland.
HTML Course Edinburgh University.
Design Programs: Photoshop and Freehand.


Patricia Martínez Cabezas
Date of Birth 19th October 1971
Marital Status. Single


AU PAIR in Ireland and E.U. (1990-1993)
Volunteer, helping underprivileged children with the homework. Pozuelo de Alarcón.
Hobbies: Tae kwon do, ski, travel.

Thank you very much

High I am rekha I want a sponsorship from newzeland goverment company.I would be grateful if I was given sponsorship.I am a graduate of accounting & Diploma In ITEmotion: computer graduate from Boxhill Institute of TAFE, Australia & Newzeland.I have 3 years accouning IT experience.I am working for a government department in Fiji (ministry of education).I am looking forward for Newzeland government to sponsor me.I want sponsorship for 3 years in IT field or Accouning Department.

please send me an immediate reply.

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Hello Rekha,

If you are sending this as a letter to companies you will need to re-phrase it a bit. You are asking for a big favour so you will need to point out what they will gain from sponsoring you and how you can contribute.

Also, saying 'Please send me an immediate reply' is very rude - whether that was part of the letter or a request to the people here at the forum. When you are asking for help you can't go demanding that people must do so immediately. It may not be convenient for someone to reply immediately - and it makes you sound very impatient and demanding.
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dear sir,

i' m a student in srilanka.i did my advance level in 2004.i got 1 B and 2 C's.after that i did a english diploma in local intitute.and also i did a marketing certificate in local institute.i have got 5.5 for IELTS Acedamic exam.if you can help me to do my degree in australia.it s brightning for my futuer.i dont have such money to do my higher education.please reply me if you can.

I am currently seeking sponsorship to get into Quanity Surveying. I have a degree in Applied Mathamatics and I am just starting a uni couse in Quantity Surveying and I am looking to get a job who would be willing to train. Can you help?

Kind Regards

Nick Styrozuyk
Hi there

i wanted to tell you something persnolly that is i m from india and m planning to go for australia on study basis but unfortunately recently i have lost my father so m having lil bit probes for funds now m planning to go there in Feb2007 when it was Nov2006.. so can u arrange any sponsorship letter for me so that i can go for higher studies in melbourne, I have the offer letter from MIT (Melbourne Institute of Technology) of Bachelor of Information Technology...

Thank You


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Hello Anonymous,
I'm am sorry to hear about your father.

You must try to write the letter yourself, and then we can try to help you make it better. We do not write letters for people - we help them make their letters better.
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