Hello, I was wondering if anyone might be able to provide me with some tips when writing a letter asking for sponsorship. This letter is probably going to have to be generic, so that it can be sent to several different local businesses. It will be appealing for the donation of some funds to help send members of the local Pony Club (a national organization dedicated to youth, horsemanship, sportsmanship, and leadership, see www.ponyclub.org for more info) to compete in the USPC National Championships.

Our club is new to the region, but is making great strides in competitions, which is why three members have qualified for Nationals. However, the entry fee alone is $300 per rider, and most families in our club are not rich by any stretch of the imagination. As you can see, we would very much like any help that could be given by local businesses to sponser our riders. However, having never written a letter of this sort, I was hoping some of you here might have some tips of what to do and not to do.

Thank you very much!
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HI Everyone,

I am new to this group, actually, i just became a member and i am not sure how to post a new message. Therefore, i am just replying to and already existing message. Can anyone tell me to what section i need to go?

Now, the main reason i wrote is becasue I am trying to write a sponsorship letter. I am getting marry and would like to see if different companies ie. florsit, jewlery, photos, etc. are willing to sponsor my wedding.

Could anyone please send me any ideas to my email address which is Email Removed as to how to write the letter. this would be a generic letter as i would be sending it to different places just with minor adjustmetns.

I would really appreciate it. the wedding will take place either in December 2005 or April 2006 depending on the financial situation.

thank you very much
This is my first time on here...I need some help writing a sponsor letter for donations to send my daughter to her Arabian horse shows. she rides western, does horsemanship, halter, etc... won Grand championin western riding and reserve champion in Equitation riding in 2004 in the IEEE (Inland valley Equestian Equine Excibitors open shows), she placed 5th in the United States equestraian Federation Inc. 2004.

It will have to be pretty generic, so that i can send to multiple businesses....could use some help to get started.....

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Hi Horsemom,

These letters are always challenging, aren't they?

I encourage you to read the top post in this section. We don't write letters for people, though we will comment on them once they have been posted.

If you look through this section back in time till about May June of 2004, you will find several posts on sponsorship letters.

The challenge is to offer the sponsoring agent (company/whatever) something of value in return for sponsoring your daughter.

So once again, I encourage you to read the top post plus look back over the last 6-7 months of posts for prior sponsorship letters.

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could provide some tips for writting a sponsorship letter. This letter will be sent to several businesses, so it will have to be pretty basic. It will be asking for sponsorships for funds or donations to the Centre franco-ontarien de folklore for our main annual benefit supper that we have every year. We are a non-profit organization.

Hi, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me in writing a letter asking for personal sponsorship. My sister and I are members of a drum & bugle corps and we are looking for sponsors to help us pay for our tuition in the corps as well as help with travelling expenses and uniforms. The tuition cost is $250 per person plus atleast $15 per travelling weekend for transportation as well as hotel costs for championships. With both of us attending college, its hard for us to cover the expenses ourselves. We got the idea from a fellow member who paid for her expenses last year through sponsorship. We'll be sending it to local businesses in our town. I really don't know how to write this and I feel like the other posts didn't quite cover what I'm looking for.

Thank you very much in advance!
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Hey I was wondering if anyone had any tips of advice on how to write a sponsorship letter for a young independant barrel racer who would like to find a way to finance her hobby. Anybody with experience in this or with any helpful advice can you please help me out, i need some tips on how to appeal to potential sponsors. Thank you for you time.
hi, i need to write letters to local charites to ask them to either provide me with a grant, sponsor or fund some of my drama school expences. help would be very much appreciated, thanks.

I was wonderingif anyone could help me write a thank-you letter to a sponsor. He has decided to sponsor me and I want to write him a letter saying thank you.

Can anyone help?
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i need help aswell can any one give me a sonsorship form so i can see how to make one.
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